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Kurds cry out against corruption (Part 1): Whoever not corrupted in government and parliament, raise your hands!

By Nabaz Goran

Translated by: Dr. Kamal Mirawdeli

General introduction

I dedicate these series of translations to George Bush and Gordon Brown personally and to British and US governments. It was a realization of every Kurd’s dream to see British and US carry the message of liberation and democracy to Kurdistan and Iraq. But in the last four years Kurdistan has been transformed into a jungle of corruption and violation of human rights. People can only cry aloud but no one listens to them and moreover their voices are suppressed.

PUK and KDP officials claim that they are supported by US and Britain and no one can challenge their corrupt rule. I will not comment any more about what is and has been happening in Kurdistan. Some Innocently ignorant Kurds blame me for publishing these facts and articles in English. They are ignorant that Britain and US governments receive hundreds of special reports and documents about the scale of corruption of PUK and KDP officials and their destruction of Kurdish society. These reports are usually confidential and publishable in 15-20 years time. But one of the main reasons that Kurdish leaders are not respected and neither British PM or George ever visited Kurdistan is the corruption that Kurdish leaders are personally involved in. The main question that should concern Kurdish intellectuals and patriots is how this corruption is destroying not only our chances for liberation and nationhood but also the very fabric of our society and the life chances and future of our young generations.

British and US government are as guilty and responsible for this corruption, which is happening in front of their eyes, as Kurdish officials. What is happening now is the embodiment of American and British gift of liberation that they brought to us four years ago. Unless they prove otherwise, we can assume that US and British officials are directly involved in this corruption or at least they encourage it. It is incredible to see all this happening and they fail to take any action.
At least, for history we can record some voices of truth. And it is up to the messengers of civilization and democracy how they react to them the way they like.

Kamal Mirawdeli
London 31 January 2008


Whoever not corrupted in government and parliament, raise your hands!

By Nabaz Goran

How much was the budget for 2007? How was it spent? How much did Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and how much did Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) take? Who knows how money, allocated for investment, is spent? Why haven’t peshmargas been paid for the last three months and people collect money for their families in mosques? How much is the income from Ibrahim Khalil [Turkish border point} , Bashmakh [Iranian border point]and other border points and who snaffles this money?

Who owns the aeroplanes that are landed in the [Arbil and Sulaymaniayh] airports and where did they get so much money to buy aeroplanes? What happened to cigarette, carpet and tiles factories [in Kurdistan]? Who took them away, whereto? Why are the journalists prohibited from visiting these factories? Why is, in the middle of the street , one square metre of land is sold to a party official for three dinars a metre and no one raises his voice about this? Why are the petrol stations owned by party officials? Where did they get money to buy so many villas for themselves? Whose money was used to build [popular Kurdish singer] Zakariya apartments? Why have they been sold to government officials for big amounts of money? Are government officials entitled to buy an apartment for 160,000 dollars from people’s money?

Is there any official in this country that does not own massive amounts of money, cars and villas? Where have you got this money? Which minister has rented out his house to another minister for 10,000 dollars per month? Which minister has turned his own house into a ministry building in order to pay himself the rent? Every minister has 5-10 million dinars allowances per month, what do they do with the money? Who was the minister who spent 10 million dinars one month for credit units for his mobile phone? How money ministers are in Arbil but registered Sulaymaniyah residential addresses to be entitled to an extra 500,000 dinars per month? Who was the minster who lost 10,000 dollars in a game of billiard? Which ministry registered a Mulla as a journalist in order to pay his pilgrimage costs?

Which ministry accepted to pay a tractor driver 4,800,000 dinars per month? Who was the official who usurped the kindergarten as his private property and no one dared to complaint?

Who is that commander of the army regiment who makes 20,000 dollars every night from illegal smuggling? How many MPs are driving without having driving licences and break law?

Can I mention their names? Who was the MP who had employed his own son as his guard to give him huge salary? Who was the Minister who received 350,000 dollars to spend for a two-day festival? How many MPs received 130,000 dollars each for purchase of home furniture?

Which director appropriated 60,000 metres of tourism land? Which official’s son was the man who opened a restaurant and then illegally supplied it with electricity from a surgery department of a hospital? The guard of which official was registered as a film director in order to obtain salary as an expert?

Who is the MP who speaks about corruption but he himself has appropriated a whole hill and built five houses on it? Who is the official who owns 60 projects in the city each under the name of a different person? Who was the minister who gave a 250 metre of land to a lady for a night of pleasure? Whose minster’s guard owns a three-floor restaurant?

Tell us how did you get all this!

These are the questions I can answer with evidence. But I leave it to the officials themselves to answer these questions.

Then whoever is not corrupt in government and parliament, please raise your hands and answer these questions!

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