lundi 14 janvier 2008

Iraqi International Initiative on Refugees

Hereunder is a message from Hana Al-Bayati:

Thank you for endorsing the Iraqi International Initiative on refugees

Dear endorsers,

Thank you. You are now more than 1000 influential personalities who support our initiative. We hope many of you will remain mobilized and help us, with your critical analysis, ideas, skills, expertise and contacts, in developing this proposal through all relevant channels; international organizations, non - governmental associations, professional unions, as well as in the media.

Our ambition is to be present everywhere we can make the proposal adopted. Therefore, please inform us of future meetings or existing publications where we could be present or provide material.

We hope those who have access to the media can inform us, so we start constituting a team of dedicated journalists who could develop the proposal from that angle. If you have translation capabilities, tell us, if you are willing to become a member of our translators team, for future materials. Also, in order to sustain this initiative and its website, we will need to raise some funds; advice, contacts and ideas for donations are very welcome.

We hope you can link onto your website, and engage your sites and blogs as sister sites to ours.

Please send us all news and documents of activities you are — or plan to be — organizing around this proposal, or the issue of refugees, or that serve the Iraqi cause, so we can publish on our website and distribute in our newsletter.

Speeches and resolutions in meetings, final declarations, articles, reports, videos etc...
(see pasted below, material from our 1st signatories)

We want to thank all individual signatories, and all websites and people who published and distributed this call. We hope that we continue this effort together until Iraqi Oil Revenues for Iraqi Refugees is no more a campaign but is realized.

Special thanks to Dr Ian Douglas, author of 'US genocide in Iraq' for editing the original english version of the proposal.

Special thanks to all voluntary translators of this call.

Special thanks to our sister site, the BRusselsTribunal

Humanity is in distress in Iraq. Our moral obligation is to save it

Hana Albayaty - coordinator

The Iraqi International Initiative on refugees

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